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Représailles - Anne Robillard This is the tenth book in Robillard's Chevaliers d’Éméraude series and is clearly the point in the story where everything turns to custard for the Chevaliers and their allies. Their enemies are multiplying, their key players are being targeted, the body count is increasing and their king is too wrapped up in his grief and desire for vengeance to think and act rationally. Characterisation is one of Robillard’s strong points, and in this book I found the characters of Onyx and Hadrian fascinating. Yes, Onyx is on a real revenge kick, especially after the tragic events of this book. You can both empathise with him and want to kick him up the backside at the same time. Hadrian’s real fear and frustration at being unable to control his dearest friend’s emotionally driven actions comes across clearly in this book. The question is explicitly raised for the first time; would an emotionally unstable king such as Onyx on the throne be any better for Enkdiev than if the evil lord wins? Représailles is available on Kindle, Kobo and iTunesI confess to being torn about reading book 11, La Justice Céleste, the penultimate volume. On the one hand, I really want to see how the story ends. On the other, I hear that Robillard pulls a George R R Martin on a favourite character in this book, and I fear it will be very painful to read. Robillard’s characters are so well written, and I’ve spent 10 books with him so I’m dreading saying goodbye. Ironically, I wrote a blog post in which I compared Robillard to Martin. I just wish she didn’t share his tendency to kill off beloved characters! Although I know the character dies, I’m not sure of the circumstances. As this is Robillard and not Martin, I’m at least hopeful that he will get a heroic sendoff and not just fall off his horse and break his neck. Additionally, the final book, Irianeth, isn’t yet available on Kobo so I won’t be able to finish the series.