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Redemption (Ryan Drake, #1)

Redemption (Ryan Drake, #1) - Will Jordan I learned about this book because I followed the YouTube book reviews of the author, Will Jordan. Sadly, his reviews are no longer available online, but I had been very impressed with his sharp commentary and his clear understanding of character, plot and pacing. The fact that he was able to present it in a fun and amusing way was an added bonus. Naturally, when he announced he had been awarded his first publishing contract, I was keen to see if his skills as a reviewer would translate into those of an author.The novel most certainly did not disappoint. It is a riveting roller--coaster ride with interesting, well written characters. Jordan switches easily from viewpoint to viewpoint, with each character having his or her own motivations and voice. Although it is not a world I personally inhabit, the characters were believable and realistic. The plot was well thought out, with one twist after another and kept me turning page after page.One review I read mentioned that the language was often repetitive and uninspired. I would say that is probably a valid criticism. It's clear Mr. Jordan is no wordsmith. However this is more than balanced by excellent characterisation, plot and pacing. Personally, I would also have welcomed some of the author's natural wit to have come across in the novel.In any case, I will certainly read the sequel when it is published. I gave Redemption (Ryan Drake 1) four stars out of five.